In this blog post I am addressing the issue of content sharability from a user’s perspective.

Throughout my career at The Online Project, I have exchanged and shared different pieces of content, conversations and stories on social networks from and to people.

I have come to realize that there are five factors that really make a piece of content worth sharing:

1- Uniqueness
2- Relevance
3- Trending
4- Real-Time
5- Genuineness

It seems to me that as a user I would really be more inclined to share a piece of content when one or more of the above factors is a driver behind the story or content a brand or individual is sharing. In many cases the factors are combined and play a role in accelerating the shareability.

I’m including some of the content that I have recently come across which I felt was worth sharing. This happens to reflect my personal opinion on the matter and would be open to any feedback.

Please take a look at the below examples that will elaborate further on the five points I mentioned.

Example 1: Durex #TurnOffToTurnOn

In the above example Durex really did an amazing job giving us a reason to click the share button. The video is genuine and reflects a real message that adds value to the user. It is unique and well thought of.

Example 2: Cheetos & Lays Arabia during Egyptian Elections

Very relevant to Arabs with a good example of real time content sharing from Cheetos and Lays Arabia. This was also a very trending joke going around at the elections time and the brands mobilized really quickly to ride the wave and engage nicely with their fans.

Example 3: Mercedes Benz Middle East during Dubai’s EXPO 2020 Announcement:

When Dubai was announced the winner of Expo 2020 Mercedes Benz published this piece of real time content in a matter of seconds! Another example of a brand building on a trending and highly relevant event to share content.

Example 4: Exploring Without Limits by Apple


I could only think of how valuable this activation was for the winner but also for the target audience in terms of motivating them to choose a life of adventure.  A great example of how a combination of uniqueness and being genuine pays off!

Example 5: First Kiss #أول_خشم by UTurn

Parody of the first kiss video by UTurn. This is another example of how building a localized and relevant version of a trending concept or theme.

A social experience with a local taste putting 20 persons to try nose greeting for the first time. Nose greeting is one of the traditional ways of greeting in Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, social media enables people to create and share valuable, relevant and engaging content. To be able to win in the engagement game of brands, you need to take the five factors in consideration as you start the content creation journey. May the most engaging content prevail!

Post by: Ramzi Halaby 

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