When you’re heading to an event, knowing that the one before it was watched by half of the world population, according to FIFA, you know that you need to do things differently if you want your audience to become engaged.


Riyad Bank and The Online Project partnered on a World Cup Visa Campaign that had different layers, awareness about the credit card, get acquisition and increase usage, we incentivized  people by giving away 17 packages to visit Russia and watch the Saudi National team game. We did a social media coverage throughout the whole activity to give everyone a chance of living the experience.

Other than having great time, this is what we learnt and would like to share with you for your next big scale social media coverage.

Plan, plan, plan, and then do a little bit more planning!


At this time of age, everything is accessible online, do not leave anything to “play it by ear!” when you are traveling to another country to do a live coverage at one of the biggest events in the world make sure make you have planned out what the team will do broken down to the minute, you will face many obstacles, make sure you have time spots to solve them.

Focus your efforts!


Don’t dilute your coverage and don’t spread yourself too thin that you barely make an impact, have a clear message, know where most of your target audience is, how they prefer to interact and be there. In our case we used Twitter, posted out coverage and in every tweet we included the link to the “World Cup Moment” we created so people can tune into the whole experience, and re watch the ones they missed.

Wear comfortable shoes! 


With all the planning and preparations you need to understand that you have to be fast, work for long hours and resolve issues on the spot. You need to be agile to what is coming your way, as things change, you might run into traffic, lose good light at a certain filming spot, or simply run out of your third memory stick in your camera, in our case and after extensively reviewing the products (Osmo DJI Plus) that took with us we had to buy three extra batteries for the camera and two mics, and bring one extra smartphone, just in case. Remember the first point, and make sure your solutions are simple and doable.

Include your audience, and have fun!


To really see an impact you need to have people give feedback or encourage them to do an action, everyone is excited about the world cup so include that in your plan in a form of a game, challenge, or simply a prize, it will give your campaign and coverage more milage organically as your audience will be more excited to tune into your coverage video and feel involved in return.

Those were some of the most important tips that we can share with you, if you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

By email: [email protected]e

On Twitter: @TheOnlineProj and @Dimurra

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