Since social media and e-commerce have been increasingly evolving in our lives, opportunities have been increasing for brands along with them, therefore; Instagram is providing new trends that enable e-commerce businesses to showcase and sell their products in a creative yet a simple one-tap manner which in return maximizes sales on their sites.

The core function of this feature is to enable brands to post a photo/carousel ad on Instagram while being able to tag the products, this feature gives access to details of the product, price and landing page. Currently, Shopping for Instagram is rolled out in a few countries, but the good news is that Instagram confirmed rolling this feature globally anytime soon.


How can brands and users benefit from the Instagram Shopping Feature?


Instagram Shoppable posts is what’s trending now in the e-commerce industry. Since brands are looking for an opportunity to benefit from social media conversions, Instagram shopping has improved e-commerce performance drastically in terms of traffic and sales. This improvement made the customer journey much easier and less time-consuming to access the product they have shown interest in and buy it with one click. This transition combined all steps of e-commerce into one by creating a major selling feature without leaving the Instagram app.

Brands that implement this feature can take an advantage of it while accessing all statistics in details such as how many people tapped to view the product, access the shop and buy the product. According to Shari Lott, Founder and CEO of Spearmint Love, implementing Instagram shopping features had a 25% increase in traffic and 8% increase in revenue.


Shopping on Social Media Platforms


Social media has an essential significance for marketers to sell and market their products. Lately, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat have jumped into the e-commerce industry in different forms. Mainly, buyers rely on the power of friend recommendations, which induced marketers to take an advantage of this element and start proactively selling their products on social media platforms.

The Buyer journey on social media is changing the buyer behavior in terms of the purchase funnel. For instance, consumers do not have to go through the awareness phase in the funnel and spend their time surfing on Google or Amazon looking for the product they’re interested in, instead, they can find the products from posts their friends have shared on social media.

Instagram copied the new shopping experience “Shop the look” by Pinterest but in an enhanced and greater strategy. Since Instagram has over 800 million active users and it’s the platform majorly used by millennials then it is your to-go platform to look for ways to get potential buyers closer to your brand. On the other hand, Snapchat has also jumped in to the online shopping experience, however, Snapchat is using a different approach to online sales, such as shopping for concert and game tickets.

Eventually, social media platforms are still not becoming a threat to e-commerce but changes are arising and fast. Also, since brands have different and new techniques to reach and engage with online users, then it will be interesting to see how these changes will affect online shopping.


Shopping on Instagram Stories


300 million users check out Instagram Stories every day to discover new products and trends. Therefore, Instagram did not stop using shoppable products on feed only, but decided to integrate the feature on stories as well. Businesses have been adding CTA’s in their swipe up stories in order to improve the traffic on their sites, which has been working successfully for many brands thus, enticing Instagram to launch Shopping Instagram stories. Tagged Products on stories appear in different types of stickers: a shopping bag icon, a sticker with the product name in rainbow or grey, and translucent text. Businesses will be able to tag products from their e-commerce platform, hence, when a user clicks on the product, they will be able to see the full details.


Advertising Shoppable Instagram Posts


Advertising on Instagram provides a smooth experience for users to tell a story and share products in many formats such as video, image, carousel and stories; shoppable posts still cannot be promoted. However, if your catalog is ready and you created your Instagram tagged posts on your Instagram business profile, you can use your catalog to create a collection ad which helps users who tap on your ad to browse multiple products within the Instagram app itself that also includes an image of your product, description and price.

The above were the main points with regards to Shopping on Instagram, it is expected to grow fast in the e-commerce industry, if you would like to use Shopping on Instagram for your e-commerce website, get in touch with us:

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