Not according to different sources’ definition of traditional media:

Traditional media refers to the old and usually archaic way of disseminating information involving only one way communication. It may also refer to the media used before the advent of technological advances like the Internet…”

However I would definitely argue that Facebook is now becoming an old media to many consumers, advertisers and especially industry players.

In one of our recent client strategy meetings we were brainstorming our plans for the year and how to achieve objectives through different social media platforms; the client asked:

“So… what new media can we use to stay ahead and top of mind amongst our young target audience?”

Only then did it occur to me that to many brands and online users Facebook has shifted to one of the “older” media options. It is now part of the standard media mix such as radio, press, PR, display ads, and content marketing.

Many brands are now looking for new ways to engage with the youth specially after there has been a significant migration of young users to other platforms such as Instagram and Snap Chat.

This does not in any way undermine the importance or priority of Facebook as a marketing platform. It has extraordinary reach and is still very cost effective compared to other media channels. Above all what you get out of it really depends on brands’ creative ability to develop strong shareable content that adds value and experience to their audiences.

While discussing this with some of my colleagues a few challenged my argument by stating that this could be relative. To some brands who are late adopters of Facebook marketing, the platform is still considered a new media platform. Also this applies to online users who are late adopters of Facebook like my Dad who is probably one of the last people to join Facebook on this planet!

They definitely make a good point but my answer to that is these brands have a lot to catch up with!

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