Last Ramadan, we noticed that user behavior on our Twitter channels had changed drastically during the Holy Month. This peaked our interest and we decided to look further into it. We compiled a data set of publically available tweets from 4 countries in the region: UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait during Ramadan and afterwards. Our aim was to develop new strategies that adapt to the changes in user habits on Twitter during Ramadan.

We created a report to document the results of our research and share our findings. Marketing, social media and communication professionals would find value in some of the insights we came up with. For example, we’ve witnessed a surge in user activity during Ramadan in general, except for one country. Additionally, there was one major peak in user activity, along with another noticeable dip in the number of tweets posted.

To learn about these findings and more, we invite you to check out our report, and to share it with anyone who might benefit from it.

Did you notice any changes in behavior of Twitter users during Ramadan? If yes, then what steps did you take to accommodate these changes? Share with us your insights in the comments section.

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