I remember once reading Steve Gandara saying “what’s being shared and amplified is often an indicator of what is going on inside the hearts and minds of an individual”.

Human resources departments have tremendously benefited from Social Media in many aspects, ranging from Recruitment & Selection to Corporate and Organizational Structure.

Recruiting in a snap!

 For instance, instead of having to advertise for job vacancies using traditional media you now spread the word using Social Media platforms. Certain vacancies have strict qualifications that are rarely found in applicants that apply through the usual recruitment methods. For us, Facebook and Twitter have gotten us qualified people in no time! Of course, it is much more efficient if the users have the right keywords in their information/bio.

What is going out there?

The word is spread faster not only regarding recruitment but when there are training courses, seminars, summits …etc. You are even being approached with related training and development events, instead of having to look them up. If you end up not being able to attend for whatever reason, you can always know the highlights of the event if it is being tweeted about!

Fact: Our team is our priority

Maintaining a healthy corporate culture requires high HR involvement with all staff members. It is essential for whoever is responsible for the culture to be involved in the Social Media platforms with everyone as much as possible without making them feel stalked!

 A while back we introduced “Yammer” as an internal engagement tool. Yammer is a simple, scalable solution that lets employees share and connect with coworkers in a private, secure enterprise social network. Collaborate in teams, see what your colleagues are working on, share ideas and get feedback …etc all in one place. Employees tend to cooperate with other known or familiar employees more than cooperating with employees they feel distant from. We are one of the companies that are going regional, and the use of Social Media to tie our offices together has grown exceptionally important, as it directly influence productivity.


Enlightening the Jordan based team, that a deal with a client was signed off by our Dubai team allows for higher engagement despite the distance, or for instance announcing a planned vacation by one of the managers, to allow the team to prioritize and arrange the workflow. The ways for using such a tool are endless.

Where are we going with this? We have started using a closed Social Media platform to bring the team together. It has tightened their relationships by engaging with whom they relate to, finding similarities, and sharing knowledge.

It is out there; make use of just like we are doing …

Post by: Hadeel Al Jbour

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