“Remember that one time when you posted something and it got 3k+ likes in less than 30 minutes organically?”

As a community manager, this is a moment of joy; your fans loved the post, engaged and shared it – but just for a moment. After that, your competitor managed to post something similar and stole the lights from you – again.

Content is king and will always be king, but creativity has become the prince – How do you get back the royalty status with so many other pages competing for the same little attention your fans have?

Let’s start with the definition of good content – it is creating high quality posts that drive engagement; think of them as mini commercials. Good commercials are created in good scenarios, like those days you wake up in a fine mood, have your cup of coffee on your sea view balcony and write the most amazing content your page has ever seen. Other days; which are more common; you wake up late, smash your alarm clock and run to work so that you don’t miss the 9AM deadline you promised your client. So on those days, how do you come up with good content?

Here are a few tips that may just make content writing–a little bit– easier and much less of a hassle.

–   Carry your notebook, your phone, your iPad…etc with you wherever you go- you never know when that light bulb idea hits you!

– Work in a timely manner, don’t leave everything last minute and whatever you do, DO NOT procrastinate.

– Research, research & research.

– Be inspired, search for photos that are relevant to your brand

– Keep an eye on your competitors; you don’t want to be the copy-cat who posted the same thing!

– As for maintaining – You can create a healthy content mix that will always keep the fans engaged and entertained. Don’t sound too brand-centric and, at the same time, don’t drift away. A balanced mix usually includes brand positioning content, conversational and entertaining content such as tips, facts and questions on lifestyle.

-Last but not least, optimize your content to give it that final glamour. Content optimization here has to do with creating light-weight posts that drive engagement. Here are a few tips for mastering great content:

  • Make sure your post is short and sweet
  • Make sure it is aligned with your brand’s purpose
  • Make sure the tone of voice you use is consistent and unique
  • Be timely & relevant
  • Use clear, creative, eye-catching images– first impressions count!
  • Include call-to-actions
  • Post at the right frequency
  • Solicit a lightweight response from your audience
  • Give fans access to exclusive information
  • And finally, keep calm and proof read!

In conclusion, there’s no magic recipe for maintaining good content but these tips can help make wonders. Happy posting!


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