We’ve all set up countless lists of New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, learn a new language, or even save up some extra cash. You jump in with both feet and a big smile on your face believing you’ll get there and get it done. The energy levels are high, but most of us lose it come February.  Perhaps what you really need is encouragement. The human brain is great at resisting change and one of its great counterattack mechanisms is shooting down any memory of it. At TOP, we’re trying to stick to our own resolutions by tapping into the power of social media. What’s the connection you might ask, well then read on…

Yeah..we don’t do that kind of thing boss. But you know what’s cool? TV!

First off, the list is here to sustain your passion and self-motivation.  Since you already have goals set up for yourself, you’re good to go.

1. Pho-to-graphs! It’s a known fact photographs can stimulate your senses, and stir up all kinds of emotions.


Use this to ‘trick yourself’ into doing things you don’t feel like doing. Nearly every single account you have on the Internet is customizable to fit your personality; from Facebook cover photos to Twitter themes. Get a picture of someone or something that relates to you.  If you cannot find any; motivate yourself by finding visuals for what you want to accomplish. Take athletes for example, before big games, many have reported to visualize themselves scoring, and the euphoria of winning that trophy.

If it’s just encouragement you need, check out this very cool website: http://www.43things.com/

You can record your goals, and keep track of your performance to see how close you are to achieving them. This visualization would greatly boost your motivation and help you stay focused.

The world is mine! What do you have eh?

2. Pin, Like, Share, Tweet or Blog it. There is a button for every single platform you use. If you found something you like and want to save up for, pin it on your Pinterest account and remind yourself why you’re spending less money on fast-food for example. The Internet is filled with goodies we’d love to have, and by linking blogs, articles or picture to our profiles we get keep them and have your account more personal.

3. Get Rich or Die Smoking! It’s a brilliant Application. And yes, despite the name, you’re not getting as many zeros as 50Cent has in his bank account just by laying off the cigarettes. The idea is entering how many packs you burn through a day, a wish-list or a product you want, that you can buy from money saved off cigarettes. The great thing is sharing your progress with friends or community; maybe even get support or advice.

Really can’t tell what’s better for my aging skin, let’s cry out for help instead.

Fact is there are literally millions of apps out there. You want to focus on something and find ways to make it easier.  That’s exactly what computers and calculators have been doing for a while now; making minor tasks easier and less bulky.

4. Get your privacy settings right. At the end of the day you really don’t want to embarrass yourself by sending out to the world every app you try. You might want to share it only with a friend, a certain group, or even just yourself. At the end it’s for you to keep up and judge your own performance. At the end of the year, go back and compare what you’ve accomplished. Remember that keeping it simple and fun is what might actually keep you going.

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