The importance of Social Media is growing day by day and more communities and accounts are created every minute. Everyone is concerned about how their accounts will stand out and how much engagement their posts will get. How well is the advertising campaign doing and how many fans are we getting daily! OK…OK don’t panic! Take a deep breath and keep on reading.

By now most admins are capable of managing their pages and have figured out the best practices of managing the social platforms, but the most ambiguous question remains; how will you connect and bond with your fans? How will you make them loyal?
The key word is “Personalization” my friend! Yes, no more automated answers; we don’t want them to think you’re a robot! Too early for that, maybe next century 😉

By personalization we mean:

1. Don’t answer questions only. Reply to positive & negative feedback and engage the customer in a pleasant conversation.

Whole Foods Market

2. Loosen up! Don’t be so formal but stay professional, if the situation permits you can even be witty. But steer away from funny, funny can come across as unprofessional.

JetBlue Airways

3. Use a listening tool, to stay connected with your audience. Answer their concerns even if they don’t mention you, listen to what they are interested in and get involved in those topics.

Office of the CIO

4. Be empathetic, understand the feelings and point of view of your audience and be considerate with your replies.

Purina Arabia

5. Don’t act like it’s your own personal account, don’t be creepy!



6. If a customer asks about something not related to your brand, answer them! Be their friend and offer a helping hand when you can.

Visit OKC

7. Show genuine interest in the feedback and suggestions you receive. If the feedback is executed, post an update and give credit to your fans.

Attest Retail

8. Show your most active community members some appreciation. Send a gift, voucher or even just a thank you message.

Seattle Mariners

9. Be friendly with other brands.

BurgerKing & Jeep

Share with us your favorite conversation between a brand and a customer. Happy bonding 🙂

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