One of the many factors a brand going into social considers is whether the army behind the live presence should be outsourced or alternatively built in-house.

Taking a closer look at both options, several pros and cons weigh-in that may help in shaping the decision making process.

On the bright side, brands opting for the in-house option will be able to:

1. Build Internal Know-how
Opting for the in-house option would mean that your brand may Slowly but Surely gain internal know-how. However, the main risk in this case is the amount of time and backlash possibly invested in Trial and Error.

2. Cut Short the Communications
Since you will most probably require approval from people who are probably already sitting in the same building you work in, the process may be cut short here, requiring less back and forth communication.

3. Have 1 Team in 1 Place
The main benefit of having all your team members in one place is probably the control and in some cases certainty this structure provides. For those who struggle to find their perfect agency match, the idea of having the whole operation take place under their nose is indeed tempting.

On the other hand, brands going solo may end up compromising on the following key elements:

1. Having a Specialized Team at your Disposal
Partnering with the right agency means that you would have a massive team of specialized members at your disposal and working on your brand presence around the clock. This team covers different facets of the operation from strategy and campaign development to community management, advertising and KPIs monitoring and measurement.

2. Accessing Creative and Conceptualization Strength
Creative and campaign development is probably an agency’s key core competency. Social media enthusiasts gathering for brainstorm sessions and always on the lookout for the next big idea describe your perfect team in a nutshell.  Those dedicated teams would turn a raw idea into a solid concept into an actionable plan in no time to stay current and relevant to what is trending now.

3. Building Capacity
The opportunity presents itself for your team to learn about social media from the people who do it best, and not just generally, but deep dive into the day to day or what we call “Always On” management of social media presence to the nitty-gritty of campaign planning and activations.

So many factors could be added to the list above, in all cases, the fact remains that social is a 24/7 open space, which means that you are actually always on duty! I referred to “army” above and meant literally full-fledged with Generals, Specialists and a fleet of Officers who are always available to make sure your brand is active and alive.

Having said that, social media preparedness may vary from one organization to the other, giants such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks may be far more prepared and less in need for agency partner support.

Offering a value based solution that contributes to brands both in the short and long terms may be the best model. Opting for a social media agency that is invested in your long-term objectives provides opportunities for building capacity and prepares you for a well planned exist strategy to successfully manage and grow your social media brand presence. This Hybrid Model, guarantees quick wins and in the same time prepares brands to be in complete control of their social media journey in the not so far future…

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