The end of the year is always an ideal time to reflect on what’s gone before. As the year comes to an end, I list down my favorite 7 lessons taken from 2013 Social Media agency world.

Lesson number ONE – Honeymoon is over
If you’ve been working in the Social Media field for the past 3-4 years, you must have noticed that there aren’t many brands that ask you to establish a social media presence for them, rather, they’re asking you to handle their on-going presence, and improve on what they have already been doing. It’s no longer about whether a brand should be using social media or not, rather about how social can help to achieve your goals in 2014. The moral of the story is, brands are more aware and they demand new ideas all the time, so keep an eye on new trends and come up with a few of your own as well.

Lesson number TWO – Be controversial
Content is king! Yeah sure, heard that, done that! Good piece of content can get viral but think about this: Miley Cyrus -worst content yet most viral, Justin Beiber – retiring content yet viral and best piece of news in 2013, Poo-Pourri – smelly content yet viral, and World Cup Draw lady – people tweeted about Ms. Lima during the Draw more than the fixtures, the world loved her in every language! Make sure that you intrigue your audience’s attention and challenge them, give them something they didn’t expect.

Lesson number THREE – People are here to be entertained
Social Networking websites are a place where people look for entertainment and that’s a fact. Do not forget that. Achieve your goals and share your message, but keep in mind, and your client’s mind, that if your customers are not entertained they won’t stay to see what your brand is up to.

Lesson number FOUR – Leverage user generated content, but what’s hot?
According to All Twitter, there were over 35 Million #Selfies posted on Instagram in 2013! That’s almost 100,000 #Selfies per day! That’s people representing themselves. This year you MUST create a campaign where you leverage that to “represent” your brand!

Lesson number FIVE – Listen to the words
According to Wikianswers, “Facebook” is the most googled noun; “free” is the most googled adjective and “of” is the most googled preposition. Hence, internet users wanted a lot “of” “free” things in 2013 and most probably they used “Facebook” to look for them. A trend that will continue in 2014.

Lesson number SIX – Expand to KSA
Social Media penetration among the Saudi online users is one of the highest in the world, they have the highest number of YouTube Monthly Views globally, and the number one Arab country in Twitter Active Users. If you’re not there already, or not planning on expanding to the biggest GCC country, here are a couple of convincing reasons:

Lesson number SEVEN – Predictions for 2014
I didn’t come up with these predictions, but I’m fully convinced that they’ll concur 2014:

  • Look for a shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video.
  • Businesses will embrace the ‘fandom’.
  • Google+ will continue to grow in size and importance.
  • There will be a bigger focus on context.
  • More businesses will get into paid advertising.

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These are the things that mostly caught my attention in 2013. Let me know what was the most important lesson you got out of 2013 and what are your predictions for 2014.

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