After months of hard work, we completed our first industry report. The data in the report is taken from Facebook and it highlights the differences between Facebook users in the Middle East and the US.

We believe that the report will be useful to marketers, since it will help them localize and adapt their social media strategies to be more effective and region-focused.

The below info-graphic will give you a general idea about the report:


As shown in the above infographic, the percentage of users who prefer the Arabic Facebook interface is relatively high, and it keeps increasing. This means that, marketers need to take into consideration the language they choose when launching a new campaign or simply posting on their pages.

When taking a closer look at the report, readers will also notice that the culture and traditions in each region significantly affect users’ behaviors on social media networks. This is clearly demonstrated under the sections of the relationship status and the gender, where users don’t tend to share personal information, and women, for example, state that they are interested in women, since it is considered unacceptable to state that they are interested in men.

For the full report, please follow this link: 2012 TOP Report on Facebook Marketing

Share your thoughts and tell us which is the most interesting part for you?


Post by: Roula Al Khatib

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