So you’ve figured out from the title that I’m a designer. Well I’m shouting out to all my fellow designers to help them avoid these common mistakes, so we can progress towards creativity, and eventually rule the world!

1. Fonts in the mix

Fonts in the mix

Why? Because it’s confusing, rough on the eyes, and makes your design look unprofessional.

The most you can use is 3 different fonts, but even that is not recommended, unless you need it for a better communication. Also don’t forget to apply Bold forheaders.

2. Stock images are my savior
Stock images are my savior

Since most don’t hire a professional photographer, we designers turn to stock images to help us. The key here is to not make that image the center of your design, and we all know the feeling if we saw the same picture in another design.

3. Load it up boys!
Load it up boys!

Stop! Just stop! It’s about what do you want the design to accomplish, not what it should contain. Make sure not to load it up with headers, footers, call-to-action, links, logos, etc…

It’s best to keep it simple, you can also use bulleted points, but remember not to make it into a novel!

4. Where am I?
Where am I

This applies to designing websites or applications. Imagine you got the fans to the right place, but you lost them because everyone went to a different direction.

Just show them what you want them to do, in a clear call-to-action phrase.

5. The bigger, the better
The bigger the better

Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to the logo used in the design, although many ask for bigger logo, for fear of customers missing the brand name, but it’s our job as designers to explain that graphic design is about visual communication as a whole and not just the logo.

6. Please don’t yell
don't yell

Our eyes and brain are trained to recognize shapes, even when it comes to words. Lower case is quicker to read, but upper case makes all words look the same shape. Plus it’s not nice to YELL at your audience.

7. I’m going to play anyway
I'm going to play anyway

Please don’t! Playing videos or sounds automatically on websites or applications is so annoying. You don’t know where your viewers could be… maybe at work.

8. Contrast is not king
Contrast is not king

Two words; easy and readable! White on black background might look good to you as a designer, but you also have to consider the viewer’s eyes, as such contrast hurt their eyes, and makes it harder to read.

9. White as snow

This is no secret; white spaces can be used to balance the other colors from your design. It will make it clear and easy on the eyes.

10. I’m a rainbow

No you’re not a rainbow! Try to avoid light colors so you can improve readability, and consider these examples to avoid eye-fatigue combinations:

  • Pairing blue and red
  • Blue and yellow
  • Green text on red background
  • Red text on green, blue, or black background.

The world is full of colors and shapes, and it’s our responsibility as designers to bring out the best in the designs we create. Others might not be able to recognize us from a crowd, but we know that we make it easier for them because we see it behind creative eyes!

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