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To the online project!
We're Here to Reintroduce Brands and Customers to Each Other
Let's work together to take the relationship to the next level

We believe that brands are people, just like their customers, and every day, we work on getting the two better acquainted. We help you get to know who your customers are, where they exist online, find better ways to talk daily and create lasting relationships with them. Social media is about people communicating with each other online - we socialize brands to do that, and you just cannot put a price tag on the trust, credibility, intimacy and ultimately business value generating from that.

We dedicate our expertise, research and passion to come up with original ideas, while remaining authentic to your brand values and committed to adding value to your customers. Day-in and day-out, we breathe and live social.

What We Do

Social Media Listening Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

Get real-time audience insights and industry trends, along with our in-depth reports and analysis. Our C-level dashboards enable you to monitor internal performance indicators and external market updates, so you're rest assured that our work delivers on your business objectives and generates ROI.
Social Media Promotions Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions

We understand what inspires audiences to participate in promotions. Our cross-functional team develops concepts that translate into successful campaigns. From Facebook applications to online campaign fully integrated with your marketing plans, we deliver on your business objectives.
Reputation Management Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Tune into conversations to monitor mentions about your brand and zero in on any incidents that could escalate into a potential crisis online. Our analysts provide round-the-clock monitoring and support to safeguard your brand's reputation on social media, forums and blogs.
Social Media  Advertising Social Media  Advertising

Social Media Advertising

We take pride in the fact that our proprietary techniques save over 50% of your advertising spend. Along with daily and post-campaign reports, you can track, monitor and measure the impact of your campaigns. We specialize in fan recruitment and engagement, lead generation, and building awareness.
Social Media Management Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Community management sits at the core of what we do. Our cross-functional experts manage setup and long-term strategy to content development, recruitment and engagement with your audience as well as customer service, outreach activities with key influencers and moderating your presence.
Social Content  Scorer Social Content  Scorer

Social Content Scorer

One of our first in-house developed tools by our products team; you can measure the performance of your content on Twitter and benchmark against industry averages. Our tool generates many useful insights, such as what content works and when are the best times to post.

Meet The Team

Ramzi Halaby
CEO, Co-Founder
Working with Nestle, Zain, UNICEF and other global brands, Ramzi brings unique problem-solving abilities that enable him to turn odds into opportunities. Over the span of over 13 years, Ramzi managed to generate millions of dollars in sales for the companies he created.
Zafer Younis
Co-Founder/ Board member
Forward-thinking and visionary, Zafer spearheaded the first two independent radio stations in Jordan. Also, he was the first to start a fully-fledged agency dedicated to servicing clients in social media. He is involved with non-profit organizations, such as New Think Theater, the Jordan River Foundation and Oasis500.
Qais Rousan
Managing Director/ KSA
Holding several senior positions in the region's top agencies, Qais was appointed as COO for TOP in 2012. He previously worked with TBWA\JORDAN, Standard Chartered Jordan, Fortune Promoseven Bahrain with clients such as British Airways, Coca Cola, LG Electronics, Batelco and DHL. His areas of expertise cover strategy for banking and media, retail marketing and public relations.
Aliya Hussain
Team Leader
Firas Steitiyeh
Managing Director / Jordan
Firas previously worked with Orange Jordan and ShooFeeTV to bring his client-side perspective to TOP. He currently leads our team in Saudi Arabia by working with SABB (part of the HSBC network) and Zain KSA. Along with our products team, he orchestrated the development of Content Scorer. His specialties include product management, influencer outreach, user experience and community-building.
Hadeel Al Jobour
Operations and HR Director
Hadeel is intuitive and naturally adept at conflict resolution and communicating effectively with individuals. She addresses the needs of TOP's staff of 50+ with confidence and efficiency as the company continues to grow. Her prime areas of focus are talent cultivation, conducting interviews, leadership and setting policies and guidelines.
Mohammad Abu Ahmad
Financial Manager
Suad Taji
Creative Director
Working with reputable brands such as Nescafe, Jack & Jones and SAKS Fifth Avenue, Suad brings a unique eye and a sharp imagination to the team. She leads design and production at TOP and is constantly pushing the envelope with cutting-edge creative concepts. Her specialties include user experience, multimedia, packaging, print design and interface design.
Abdalla Siksek
Social Media Moderator
Abdul Monim Khan
Alaa Zughayer
Senior Accountant
Aya Barghouti
Community Manager
Dana Haddad
Graphic Designer
Dana Hammoudeh
Account Executive
Diya Murra
Team Leader
Duha Younes
Community Manager
Faris Attar
Social Media Moderator
Faten Alaamar
Social Media Analyst
Ghazal Abu Ragheb
Community Manager
Hadeel Hmaidi
Project Manager
Hamzeh Darawsheh
Web Developer
Hiba Karadsheh
Senior Human Resources Officer
Hiba Nabulsi
Community Manager
Hashem Al Swahrah
Admin Staff
Islam Ayyeh
Account Executive
Lina Masha'el
Project Manager
Mahmoud Shahwan
Moderators Supervisor
Majd Zada
Graphic Designer
Mira Hamati
Senior Project Manager
Mike Al Naji
Online Engagment Manager
Najeeb Nimri
Team Leader
Omar Murra
Social Media Moderator
Razan Abu Ghoush
Community Manager
Roula Khatib
Advertising Executive
Rula Nabil
Senior Graphic Designer
Sara Al Madhoun
Trafficking Manager
Tala Abdeen
Engagement Manager
We're an Agency That Gets Social Media
We socialize people and businesses. We bring together a team of over 50 social media thought leaders, each at the top of their game. We strive to continuously create value for our clients and their communities online. We regularly share knowledge through our industry reports and learn by making sure that we're at most social media conferences and events. We strive to push the boundaries, innovate and have fun doing it.

A few factoids about our awesome work on social media:

  • TOP is the first agency dedicated to serving the needs of clients on social media in the Middle East.
  • We engage with over 2 million consumers in the Middle East - every day!
  • We have worked with over 30 global brands in the region, covering over 10 industries; from financial institutions and consumer brands, to telecom operators and computer software corporations.
  • We are part of the Endeavor and Int@j networks and regularly work with over 5 global agencies, such as Edelman Digital and Mindshare.

Our Portfolio

Serving the biggest, coolest and most customer-focused brands in the Middle East, we're inspired each day by our clients' credos and ethos. Have a look at our clients and the case studies we created with them over the past three years.
Pizza Fusion
Riyad Bank
Royal Jordanian
Purina Arabia
Nestle Fitness
Body Masters
Kiva Arab Youth
Merge 104.8 and Al-Wisal 96.5 are part of SABCO
Abraaj Capital Art Prize
Cicero & Bernay
Saks Fifth Avenue
JBR The Walk
Markaz (Kuwait Financial Centre)
Vero Moda
Jack & Jones
Diet Pepsi
Al Marai
Arab Bank Shabab
Play 99.6
King Hussein Cancer Foundation
Sunny 105.1
MediaME Forum
Media & Marketing Show
Dawn of History
The Internet Show

Explore Our Insights

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How Much Does a Facebook Fan Cost in the Arab World
Report: How Much Does a Facebook Fan Cost in the Arab World
Dec | 2012
How Much Does a Facebook Fan Cost in the Arab World
Infographic: How Much Does a Facebook Fan Cost in the Arab World
Dec | 2012
Facebook Benchmarks in the Middle East
Report: Facebook Benchmarks in the Middle East
Sep | 2012
Facebook Benchmarks in the Middle East
Infographic: Facebook Benchmarks in the Middle East
Sep | 2012
Tweeting in Ramadan
Report: Tweeting in Ramadan
Jul | 2012
Facebook Marketing in the Middle East
Report: Facebook Marketing in the Middle East
May | 2012
Facebook Marketing in the Middle East
Infographic: Facebook Marketing in the Middle East
May | 2012
With Us
Want to join an awesome team of social media thought leaders?
We're a young and ambitious team who believes we can get anywhere we want with the right attitude. We shaped an environment where we can unleash our creativity and dreams. We take pride in the fact that we built a fun environment where each team member grows to reach their full potential. If you feel you would fit in, check out our positions and drop us a note, we'll keep your resume on file and contact you whenever a vacancy pops up!

Job Profiles

Account Director
And here comes our leadership team who steer TOP in the right direction… 
Account Directors are responsible for building relationships with clients and nurturing them; speaking of nurturing, they're really more or less like mothers in the grown up world. They are responsible for making sure that our work is aligned with clients' objectives and goals. They make sure that our work delivers the results that the clients need and that we address any challenges that may arise. They're also invested in fostering the growth of TOP's younger team members by giving regular internal learning sessions. If you're a natural-born leader who has a knack for turning odds into opportunities, can think strategically of clients' needs and present regularly, then you should apply here!
Account Manager
Our Account Managers serve as the bridge between our team and clients; they're the ones that listen to the clients' challenges and problems and relay them to our team of experts to craft innovative solutions. 
If you're an Account Manager at TOP, then you're the dynamo that connects all parts of the TOP mobile to make sure our engines are running to safely reach our final destination. If you're a master at getting things done, a champ at multitasking, liaising between different stakeholders and excelling at nurturing long-term relationships with everyone on the team, then this role has your name written all over it.
Business Development Associate
The dealmakers, the hunters, the lead-generators, the bread winners! 
Business development associates analyze the markets we operate in and industries we serve, and then recommend short and long-term solutions to expand in these areas. These solutions include but are not limited to expanding our client portfolio, developing new products and finding ways we can add value to new clients. If you're the type of person that is into doing research (lots of it), and has good presentation skills, then you should probably bring your skills to TOP!
Community Manager
Always wondered who are the maestros behind brands' online presence? 
Community Managers are the people who live and breathe the brands we work with and represent them online. If Facebook was a party, they would probably be the person in the middle of the party, networking with everyone, throwing jokes with the newbies and chatting with the waiter about how delicious the canapés are. 
To be a Community Manager you need to be a good writer, a diplomat, and an expert in the things you're passionate about; all in one! You also need to know the latest social media tools and updates, and some creativity can go a long way here. 
If you usually comment on celebrities' statuses, review restaurants in your area, or if your friends usually refer to you when they need to know the latest information on Converse's latest shoes, or the latest iPhone model, then this job is probably for you!
The designers are responsible for socializing the visual identities of the brands we serve and work with. They customize the existing look and feel of brands, inject it with a fresh breath of life and develop concepts that make these brands appeal to online audiences. They're part anthropologists, part designers, if you come to think of it. Simply put, our designers capture the ideas our project managers and community managers and turn them into well-executed designs for our campaigns. You think you've got the creative juices needed for such a herculean task? Apply today!
Social Media Analyst
Ever wondered how we manage to maintain a professional image for all our client pages on social media? 
It's all thanks to our Social Media Analysts (and enormous amounts of coffee) who are constantly monitoring our client pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 
As a Social Media Analyst, you would be responsible for compiling data and information about the brands we work with, then calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to measure how well our pages are performing. 
If you're a data-driven person with a knack for numbers, graphs and all-things Excel, writing analytical reports, then this is the right team for you!
Social Media Developer
Our developers translate concepts into reality. 
The social media developer is responsible for developing applications that our clients need to run promotions and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. From micro-sites, Facebook tabs, mobile apps to flash games, they do it all. If you're a programming ninja who understands gaming, user experience and interface design, then this is the place for you.

Availabe Vacancies

  • Other If you are passionate about HR, fluent in English and have 0-1 years of experience you can apply to become our Human Resources Officer. share
  • Other with 1-2 years of experience. share
  • Account Manager with 2 years of agency experience & Fluent English and Arabic share
  • Designer with 0-2 years of experience. share
  • Social Media Developer with 1-3 years of experience as a PHP Developer with MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, XHTML and CSS knowledge share
  • Social Media Analyst with 0-1 years of experience with fluency in Arabic and English share
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